December 30, 2012

My last note for 2012

My last note for 2012

2012 was really the best year until now. I thought that my 2012 wouldn't be complete If I didn't write this. Maybe this message will show you a lil bit of my life.

I want to say thanks to someone or something up there, who gives me a lot of blessings or even the smallest
luck that I never realize, thank you..

Thanks to my parents that, even when they were having a hard time, they always tried to give me the best they could, to teach me about the world. Thanks to my dad who always works hard for me and my family. Thanks to my mom too, Even we may have arguments and debates sometimes, I always love you. :)

For my older sister, I know that you have a lot of pressures because you are the oldest one. But don't take it personaly, sis. You can share with me too. Even we may have some arguments, But i know you do that because you want me to be better. I'm sorry for childish behaviour back then. Thank you ! :)

For my older brother, You gave me a lot of new things to learn. The sharings that you teach me will always be my side. Thank you :)

I want to say about my birthday in this year. Thanks to Clara, Sherly, Felicia, Dave, Andrian, Kenny, Evan, Richard A, Kevin Ega, Winda, Davin and the others (I'm sorry I can't recall all the names in this mellow condition) for the gift that you guys give to me. Also thanks to Vincent S and Ivanna for buy me some 'learning' books that i never can finish them. =]

Thanks to the girls, Sunny, Melina, Jovani, Josvita, Elvia, Fanny, Lola, Chika, Hera, Clarissa, and The others, that had taught me a lot of things, taught me about friendship. Thank you gals!

Thanks to my brothers, Evander, Stanley, Vincent, Bagus, Wiogo, Idden, Jonathan, Putra, Kendrick, Raymond, Riyan, And The others. The smiles, the memories, the happiness, the craziness. Thank you brother !

Thanks to my big brother, Roby, Andy, Billiam, Louis for the support, the smiles, The laughters, The sharings, the memories, the happiness, the craziness and all the knowledge that you've given me will always be within me. You Guys are really something to me. Thank you.. Thank you!

To Stephanie Ongki, Thanks for The pain, philosophy, laughters, attention and craziness, that we share together, they will always be in my life. Always.. Thank you !

And to Silvya, Thanks for the support, the sharings, the smiles, the wake up calls, the attention that you have given me... Thank you !

To Fairplay (Viandrew, Weka, Fernando, Andrian) Thanks for the battle that we have beaten together, You guys make me proud because we can win at the tournament and be the BEST at our school. Thank you. Thank you !

To Vivian Darlene, Woah, Thanks for the craziness, the laughter, the sharing, the support, All the talks,that we have made for each other. Yeah, Also thanks to Winston, Anggreni, Amin, Juwen, Wiewin, Cindy Rusli, Teddy for our gossip time =))

Ah, Thanks to my crazy band (Wilbert, Kenny, Richard, Raymond, Putra, Riyan, Reagan) for our craziness that we have ever do in the stage. =P Thank you !

And for my girlfriends,
Thanks for being my girlfriend in my life. You are really a cute girl. Thanks beb, For The memories, The support, The understanding, The attention, The sharings, The smiles, that gave me happiness on this 2012. Thanks for the sweet moments that we had together. And also thanks for the good and bad that happened between us. I'm sorry because of my immaturity that make you sad sometimes. You gave me a lot of new things to learn. I love you <3 br="br">
Thanks to all the friends that I haven't mentioned. Each one of you has given a lot of things that are very precious to me.

And for all of these things, I can say that I am VERY LUCKY to have you guys in my life. Thanks.. Thanks..
Thanks for all the memories, the sweetness, the knowledge, the times. Everything you guys have given me..
Thank you guys.. Thank you

On the way to 2013,
Afriwendy Sofian


  1. wow, what a sweet note :p ahahahaha

  2. Yeah, What a sweet note. You must be very proud for your life. =]