April 18, 2013

My Birthday Note

I wrote this on the seventh day of the 16th year of my life (My birthday was on 7 April) . Yeah, Maybe it's too late already, but I thought that my 16th birthday wouldn't be complete If I didn't write this. Yep, I'm just 16 years old. This post will show you about my mellow side, Please bear with me.

This is the second time any of you reading about me saying thanks to something or someone out there. The first time at my last post "Last note for 2012"

You can check it first before you continue to read this. Because that post show a lil bit of my life.

Already ?

This year have been a BLAST! Totally AWESOME and full of BLESSINGS! I've seen, experienced and achieved so many things I've never even dreamed of. This year is absolutely the best time in my life so far.